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In cooperation with specialists in the well-establised food industry I developed analyses for quality control of food products and to control the process of product development. These analyses have been translated into user-friendly computer programmes.

In this approach the complete taste and flavour pattern of a product, as observed by a panel and monitored with technical measurements, is taken into account. Subsequently the taste and flavour pattern of this product can be predicted by using only chemical and physical measurements. This offers the specialists a simple and extra instrument for quality control during the production process and also more insight during the development stage of new products. Analyses have been performed on products like bread, beer, margarine, soup and sausage.

Decision support
In cooperation with management experts of the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment I developed an analysis for conducting group discussions more efficiently. In these group discussions experts from different disciplines carefully try to weigh many different interests in order to make balanced decisions. The analysis was made in 1998 by order of the Ministry, subsequently translated into a computer program and finally implemented in the 'Group Decision Room' of the Ministry.

In the preparation process of large scale projects regarding spatial planning and landscape development many different and often diverse aspects have to be considered: what is the economic interest, the impact on nature and environment, what is changing in the spatial coherence or in the local living conditions, etcetera. In group discussions between different experts of the Ministry it is now possible to compare the weighing patterns and overall judgments of all participants by visualising them on the spot in one simple graphical representation. In this way the discussion can be more effective and moreover it can evoke a better mutual understanding, because the graphical representation can reveal that the underlying interpretation of certain aspects can be quite different for different people. This can considerably clarify and speed up the discussion process.