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Since 1994, I work in conjunction with medical top specialists from the International Pediatric Growth Research Centre of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. This is a research centre where children, staying far behind in there bodily growth, are observed and treated. These children receive growth-hormone treatment during many years. Prior to treatment all kind of relevant data are collected from these children, in order to get some insight into how the children will respond to treatment in advance. With this information it should be possible to fine-tune the medication level for each individual child. But in this respect it was difficult to find clear relations in the research results by applying standard statistical methods.

Together with the specialists I developed a new diagnostic instrument and now it is possible to adjust the dose of growth hormone medication to the individual constitution and background of the children. This year the diagnostic instrument will be tested in a trial for children in the whole of Sweden. It is expected that with this new method treatment results will be better, because all patients will no longer get the same standard dose, whereas some in the past didn't get enough and others too much medication. This is an important innovation in the area of public health. Because growth-hormone medication is very expensive and a treatment on a yearly basis costs about $20,000, it also implies that more can be done with the same amount of money. The pharmaceutical industry is also interested in this new diagnostic instrument and money will be forthcoming to make further research possible.

During the cooperation, the Research Centre in Gothenburg has been guided by Prof. Dr. K. Albertsson-Wikland for many years. Nowadays the Research Centre is guided by Prof. Dr. J. Dahlgren.